The Best Bivvy Heaters

2021 Review by Jason Sawyer

The best bivvy heaters are the ones that are SAFE and can provide you with the right amount of warmth without burning a hole in your pocket.

When fishing in the cold I always recommend taking thermal fishing clothing and a sleeping bag to keep warm, which is far safer than accidentally leaving a gas heater switched on inside your fishing tent. It’s just not worth the risk! If you have to use a heater inside your bivvy when you sleep then opt for a decent candle lantern instead.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the best bivvy heaters available. I’ll cover important things to look at when selecting a bivvy heater, and I’ll also review five of my favourite heaters for bivvy use. Let’s crack on:

My Top 3 Bivvy Heaters

Here are my 3 best bivvy heaters for chasing that chill out your fishing bivvy while you sleep:

Best Overall: UCO 3 Candle Lantern

3 Candle Lanterns from UCO are a safe and reliable heat source for your next fishing trip. The lanterns have three built-in candles that provide a warm ambient glow and reduce condensation, helping to keep the inside of your tent dry and clear of flying insects. The windproof glass chimney helps contain the flames in strong winds so you can enjoy their warm glow at night.

Best Overall Sale
Best Overall
1,424 Reviews

Light up the night with this three-candle lantern that produces warm ambient light. A windproof chimney helps reduce tent condensation. Aluminium construction is durable and corrosion-resistant.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, the 3-Candle Lantern can be used as both a bivvy light and bivvy heater. With three separate candles housed in a sleek, durable aluminun construction, you can light up your entire tent and enjoy a warm glow all night long. The windproof glass chimney helps to reduce any condensation that may form on the inside of the tent, while the safety handle allows you to carry it with ease.

Key Features:

  • 3 UCO candles for added warmth
  • Aluminium construction
  • Windproof glass chimney
  • Reduces tent condensation

Best Runner-up: UCO Original Candle Lantern

The Original Candle Lantern – the UCO candle lantern is a windproof and waterproof candle lantern that can be used as a bivvy heater. With a compact size and hanging bail, this lantern fits easily into bags and pockets making it the perfect accessory for your next fishing trip. Use as a primary light source and as a heat source for small bivvies.

Best Overall
Best Overall
2,037 Reviews

A beautifully simple candle lantern that provides a warm ambient light, the Original Candle Lantern is a compact and reliable source of light in any setting.

The UCO Original Candle Lantern is a compact, portable candle lantern that provides warm ambient light and enough illumination to fit any nighttime situation. Its windproof design is also perfect for areas prone to high winds. Hang it from your tent to light up the night or set it on the bivvy table to chase away the cold.

Key Features:

  • 1 UCO candle
  • Compact size
  • Hanging bail
  • Windproof design

Best Saftey: NGT 5 Season Sleeping Bag

Ok so technically it’s not a bivvy heater but this 5 season sleeping bag is safe and keeps me toasty in the coldest weather conditions. Combine this with the 3 candle lantern above positioned on your carp bivvy table to add some natural light and warmth.

Best Saftey
Best Saftey
175 Reviews

The NGT 5 Season Sleeping Bag is perfect for your next outdoor adventure or fishing trip. It has a high togg rating of 10 and will keep you warm down to -15 degree celcius. It is also water repellent and quick drying which means it’s ideal for camping trips.

Gear up for the season, and get ready to enjoy all of your outdoor activities with the NGT 4-Season Sleeping Bag! This bag is perfect for any time of year. It has a togg rating of +15 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it in the summer as well as colder months. Plus, this bag has a hooded design that will keep your head warm when things get chilly. It also comes with a carrying case and a stuff sack. The material is made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

Key Features:

  • Warm to -15 degrees
  • High togg rating
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Hooded design

My Top 5 Portable Gas Camping Heaters

You can use these portable gas heaters outside your bivvy or temporarily inside your bivvy (providing there is adequate ventilation) to warm it up before you go to sleep, but never fall asleep or lie down next to a gas heater inside your bivvy or you’re at serious risk of gas poisoning, lack of CO2 and death. Just use a bit of common sense and you can still use a gas heater to stay warm.

Best Overall: ISSS Portable Gas Heater

With an adjustable heat control, this portable gas heater is the perfect tool for heating outside your bivvy where there’s plenty of ventilation.

The Portable Gas Heater is designed to give you a warm winter. With its adjustable heat control knob and lightweight design, it’s the perfect heater for outside on the bank, or anywhere else that needs a little extra heat. Its safety guard is also great for child safety protection.

Best Overall Sale
Best Overall
609 Reviews

This outdoor heater is a great way to stay warm fishing this winter. It’s powerful enough to allow you to use it for both heating and cooling your home, depending on what the season calls for.

Can be used safely outside your bivvy to omit extra heat.

Key Features:

  • 1300 Watts heat
  • Gas powered
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Child safety guard

Best Runner-up: Marko Portable Fishing Heater

You’ve been out fishing all day, you crammed a few too many hotdogs and beers down your neck and now you’re freezing cold. Your friends are having a blast, but you can barely feel your fingers. You need something to get the blood flowing again, something like a Portable Bivvy Heater from Marko.

Best Runner-up
Best Runner-up
121 Reviews

A safe and easy-to-use alternative to a traditional campfire, the Portable Fishing Heater brings comfort to your fishing experience. Use it to keep warm in cool weather, dry out wet clothing and accessories, or just make life more pleasant around your tent or camper.

I own a fishing boat and I live in the SouthWest. In the wintertime, temperatures can go below zero. Normally I have to fish from the shore due to cold temperatures, but this portable bivvy heater helps me go on adventures further out on the lake than ever before! This heater is safe for outdoor use and has adjustable temperature control so you don’t burn yourself or your fishing companion(s). It’s lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go! Don’t let freezing conditions keep you from exploring — take this little guy with you!

Key Features:

  • Easy ignition
  • Long life ceramic burner
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Child safety guard

Best Safety: Mr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater

The Little Buddy Tent Heater is an ideal heating solution for tents with plenty of ventilation. Safer and easier to use than open-flame heaters, this heater uses butane or propane fuel. With 1,200 watts of heating power and a built-in thermostat, the Little Buddy provides heat where you need it most. Enjoy greater safety and convenience with an adjustable heat control from 60-80 degrees F.

Best Saftey
Best Saftey
21 Reviews

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your tent with the Mr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater. This small heater is great for use in a tent, garage, or anywhere else you need heat. It features an automatic oxygen shut-off feature and automatic kipp out switch to keep you safe.

Hate being cold? Wish you could be warm in your fishing shelter? Now you can with the Little Buddy Tent Heater. This Mr. Heater unit is an extremely popular camping heater because it is small, portable, and easy to use. It is a 1.1 kilowatt heater that runs off of a propane or butane gas tank and does not require electricity. It provides heat for up to 6 hours on one 16 ounce bottle of propane/butane gas.

Key Features:

  • 1,1 Kw innen heater
  • Butane/propane adapter
  • 6 hours operation time
  • Automatic oxygen safety shutoff

Best Budget: ZONSUSE Mini Stove with Tent Heating Cover

The Mini Stove is a compact, gas-burning stove designed for heating tents and small shelters with ventilation. It provides 360° heat distribution to ensure comfort and safety, while the compact design allows you to position the stove heater exactly where you need it the most:

Best Budget
Best Budget
215 Reviews

Keep yourself and your friends warm with Zonsu’s mini stove. This small and convenient stove heats the water quickly and comes with a tent heating cover. The handle accessory, which is included in the set, helps to keep your hands safe as you cook.

The ZONSUSE Mini Stove with Tent Heating Cover is a professional, high-quality product. 360° heat distribution gives you and your tent the warmth you need to stay comfortable during chilly fishing trips. Premium stainless steel construction makes this stove safe for use with any type of gas fuel, and the handle accessory keeps your hands from getting burned. The included storage bag makes for easy transportation, stores in a small amount of space, and can be hung on a backpack for convenience.

Key Features:

  • 360° heat distribution
  • Premium stainless steel
  • Safe handle accessory
  • Storage bag

Best Multi-functional: Hamans 2-in-1 Gas Stove Bivvy Heater

This stove tent heater is a must-have for campers. One side of the stove is a cooking stove, and the other side is a heater. The adjustable airflow allows you to change the direction of the air blowing out. It can be used as a fan in summer or winter, so it’s very convenient to use and safe to carry. It doesn’t take up much space in your backpack, so it’s easy to carry around!

Best Multi-functional
Best Multi-functional
2 Reviews

A compact and lightweight stoves tent heater that is ideal for camping, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities. Features a double burner stove and a 15,000 BTU heater. This product allows you to cook and stay warm all in one convenient unit. Great for long hikes in cold weather conditions.

Perfect for carp fishing and outdoor activities, this fishing stove/heater can cook your food while warming you up at the same time. The stove is a multifunctional device that can be used as a grill, a heater, or a gas burner. It is very convenient and easy to use, it also provides adjustable airflow.

Key Features:

  • Multi-functional stove & heater
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Compact design
  • Safe & convenient

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions I get asked about bivvy heaters:

Are bivvy heaters safe?

Unless you have a proper ventilation system portable gas heaters should never be used inside as bivvy heaters. Carbon monoxide gas poisoning kills anglers every year. This UCO 3 Candle Lantern positioned on your table or hung on a bivvy hook is much safer and more economical.

If you want to really keep toasty inside your bivvy then instead of using a bivvy heater try the NGT 5 Seasons Sleeping Bag or these fishing fleeces which I take with me during winter seasons.



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