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2021 Review by Jason Sawyer


The best fishing barrows are constructed from metal, which makes them sturdier and more durable than the cheaper versions made entirely from plastic. Because they’re made from metal, they’ll last longer, and they’ll also be able to take more weight. That being said, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting a barrow that is actually designed for the type of fishing you do.

If you are looking to buy a fishing barrow or you’re looking to upgrade your current fishing barrow, then you’ve come to the right place. From the most experienced fishing gear experts in the industry, we’re going to highlight and review the very best fishing barrows on the market today.

My Top 5 Fishing Barrows

For those who love the idea of fishing but don’t really enjoy the process of getting ready, fishing barrows are a great option. Fishing barrows help make the process easier and more enjoyable for people who enjoy the sport, but don’t always have time to get all of their equipment together. You can find several varieties of barrows and fishing trollies at a variety of prices, depending on what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend. Here are my 5 best fishing barrows:

Best Overall: Bison One Wheel Fishing Trolley

The Bison One Wheel Fishing Barrow is the perfect companion for your fishing trips. With a massive 400 Litre capacity and a 10″ puncture-proof pneumatic wheel, the Bison One Wheel Fishing Barrow will make carrying long distances easier than ever.

Best Overall
Best Overall
168 Reviews

The Bison One Wheel Fishing Barrow is an ideal, fast and easy way to move your fishing kit around the lake or riverbank. The folding frame and wheel mean it can be assembled, used and then stowed away in seconds.

The heavy-duty frame with folding V front bar allows easy access to even the smallest spaces. Complete with foldable legs and frame, the One Wheel Fishing Barrow folds flat in seconds with an easily removable wheel, making it extremely compact and portable. Supplied with a barrow bag to keep everything tidy when not in use.

Our One Wheel Fishing Barrow is an ideal all-round fishing barrow. It is strong and sturdy, yet easy to handle making it the ideal choice for carrying tackle, bait and even fish you catch. The single wheel fishing barrows are easier to manoeuver than the double wheel fishing barrows and there is plenty of space to carry a fishing brolly with all your tackle.

Best Runner Up: NGT Carp Fishing Barrow

This barrow is built to last. It has a sturdy frame with heavy-duty wheels, that you can remove the handles from if you don’t want them. The handlebars are extendible and height-adjustable and the front bar can also fold down to make it smaller if you need to store it away in your car boot.

Best Runner Up Sale
Best Runner Up
79 Reviews

Well-built, sturdy carp wheelbarrow with removable handles, extendible and height-adjustable front bar, folding sidebars, removable under barrow storage bag. Folds flat and will fit in your car.

NGT Carp Fishing Barrow is a great option for transporting all your carp fishing gear to and from the fishing spot. This wheelbarrow is well made and robust, with a removable under barrow carrier bag for your tackle, landing net and more. The front bar is extendible and height adjustable to allow you easy access into the water when wading or on the bank. The sidebars fold down flat for easy storage when not in use.

Best Capacity: MAP X2 Extending Barrow

Whether you’re heading off on a weekend fishing trip or just a day session, this barrow has everything you need. Measuring 78 x 38.5 x 43 cm when folded, this barrow is small enough to take in your car boot – but when fully made up it has more than enough space to carry all your carp fishing rods and fishing gear.

Best Capacity
Best Capacity
35 Reviews

The Map X2 Extending Barrow is ideal for the fisherman who needs to carry a lot of gear in a limited space. The frame extends out to provide even more storage capacity, and the wheels are large enough to easily carry all your fishing equipment.

The Map X2 Extending Barrow is a great choice for all your outdoor adventures. With a larger capacity than the X4, you can be sure it will carry everything you need for your trip whether it be camping, fishing or hunting. With the option of extending the frame, you have more than enough space to carry all your equipment. Sling in your rods, tackle, bait and bed chair. Job done!

The unique design also gives you more comfortable access to your belongings on the go. The Map X2 is even easier to transport, as they come in a handy carry bag which can be simply folded away when not in use and easily carried by hand or with a trolley onto public transport and into cars.

Best Two Wheel: Bison Heavy Duty Fishing Barrow

The Bison heavy-duty two-wheel fishing barrow is the ideal piece of equipment for transporting your gear to and from the water.

Best Two Wheel Sale
Best Two Wheel
80 Reviews

The Bison Two Wheel Fishing Barrow is the ultimate all-weather, all-terrain wheelbarrow. With two 10″ puncture proof pneumatic wheels, it will go anywhere you want to take it. The heavy-duty frame with steel mud feet will support weights up to 150kg.

It folds flat in seconds with easily removable wheels, so it can be stored away when not in use. The width of the barrow when assembled is 600mm, so it will fit through farm gates and car doors. It also features a heavy-duty frame with steel mud feet and 2 10″ puncture proof pneumatic wheels, making transporting all your gear to and from the water an effortless task.

Best Budget: RocwooD Fishing Barrow

RocwooD Fishing Barrow is designed to be light and strong, with a single pneumatic tyre making it easier to manoeuvre at the side of the river.

Best Budget
Best Budget
91 Reviews

The RocwooD barrow is a high-quality product that is designed to be light, strong and easy to use. The barrow also comes with a free detachable bag for extra storage. The barrow will take up less space when stored and can be dismantled easily for transportation.

It has a 150kg wheel load capacity and takes up less space than other fishing barrows. It comes complete with a free detachable barrow bag, adjustable loading area that can be made longer or shorter, for lighter loads. The handle can be removed when not in use. Takes up less space than most other barrows on the market.

My Top 2 Fishing Trollies

Here are my 2 best fishing trollies I recommend for day sessions and packing light:

NGT Dynamic Fishing Trolley

NGT have been manufacturing a large range of aluminium fish trolleys for over 12 years, the latest development is the NGT Dynamic Trolley. This particular trolley is designed for access to hard to reach fishing spots and as an alternative to lifting heavy bags and stands on to your car roof.

NGT Fishing Trolley
NGT Fishing Trolley
247 Reviews

The NGT Dynamic Fishing Trolley is a lightweight, robust and innovative fishing trolley, complete with an adjustable handle and adjustable side bars. This is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater angling. The mainframe is made from lightweight 2 x 2cm square aluminium bars to provide the necessary strength.

The Dynamic Trolley folds flat in seconds for easy storage and accessibility. It has an adjustable handle and adjustable sidebars, it has a folding platform to hold a rod bag, unlike barrows this folds flat in seconds for easy storage and accessibility.

Michigan Compact Fishing Trolley

The MICHIGAN Compact Fishing Trolley is a must-have for anyone who loves fishing but needs to get to the lake easily. The lightweight aluminium frame can be easily folded up and stored away when not in use, making it the perfect product to take with you on fishing holidays.

Michigan Fishing Trolley
Michigan Fishing Trolley
185 Reviews

When you are looking for a good quality fishing trolley at a great price, look no further than the MICHIGAN Compact Fishing Trolley. This is a top-quality and very handy product that is easy to use and transport to and from the lake.

The trolley features 4 large wheels which provide a smooth ride over all types of terrain and has a tyre diameter of 10 inches providing you with a good amount of surface area for grip.

As this is a MICHIGAN product, you can be sure that you are getting top quality at an amazing price. Fitted with adjustable length handles, it is designed to be easy to use and pulled along the easy and convenient way to carry your fishing equipment.

Fishing Barrow Accessories

Once you decide on a fishing barrow you may want to consider the following accessories for fishing trollies:

Fishing Barrow Straps

The Heavy Duty Bungee Cords are made from long-lasting virgin rubber and are wrapped in a viny coat for additional strength and durability. They have a wide variety of uses including keeping the fishing barrows and trollies secure. The cords will expand by a maximum of 50% when stretched, whilst still holding the same amount of weight.

Heavy Duty Bungee Cords
Heavy Duty Bungee Cords
2,430 Reviews

The Rheme Heavy Duty Bungee Cords are a great way to keep your tools, equipment, and other cargo in place. These bungee cords come in an assortment of elastic cords, each with heavy-duty viny coated hooks. They are ideal for fishing barrows and trollies.

These heavy-duty bungee cords are ideal for use on fishing barrows and trollies. Each pack contains a selection of elastic bungee cord sets with assorted length hooks. They can also be used to secure equipment, pipes or timber onto trolleys or barrows.

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