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Welcome! I'm Jason Sawyer (AKA Species Hunter). A devoted fisherman and member at the local Christchurch angling club in Dorset. I won the Royalty record for common carp and recently completed the 100 fish species challenge, where I travelled all over the UK hunting down rare species of fish with my best mate John.

On this website, you can expect to find all my top fishing secrets, including the best fishing gear and tackle I used along with the best fishing brands, locations, and pro fishing tips for landing any fish species. If you have any questions or would like advice about where to catch a certain species of fish then please do get in touch and I'll be more than happy to help.

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Latest fishing news

Over the past few years, we have travelled all over the UK to successfully complete the 100 fish species challenge. It hasn't been easy getting up those early mornings, travelling long hours and spending cold nights on various lochs, lakes and coastal beaches patiently hunting rare species of fish! Well... we did it! And soon we plan to update this blog with photos, locations and tips for each species we caught.

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