Fly Fishing Reels

Nothing beats the experience of fishing with a well-made fly fishing reel. With less manual reeling involved, a decent fly reel makes it easier to fish. These quintessential gadgets will improve your fishing experience so you can spend less time worrying about getting the drag right and focus more on outsmarting the fish. Most reels available nowadays will fit any fly fishing rod and are rust-resistant, aesthetically appealing and capable of delivering great results. Not all fishing reels are equal, though. With brands like Shakespeare, Kastking and Greys all rivalling for a piece of the action. Here’s a rundown of the best fly fishing reels we reviewed online:

Greys GTS 500 Fly Reel

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Nothing beats polycarbonate spools in combining durability, ease of operation and aesthetics. Beyond the good looks, the Greys GTS500 is a workhorse and its larger arbour design attests to that. Another awesome attribute of this reel is that it has a unique line ID system which allows you to keep track of your line and master the reel setup. For the seasoned angler who wants to minimise on downtime, this reel comes with 2 extra spools protected in a secure neoprene reel case. Best of all, the GTS500 allows for a smooth and quick left-right conversion.

Greys GX 300 Fly Fishing Reel

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The Grays GX 300 fly reel boasts full aluminium construction, a twin Rulon disc drag and large arbour design for seamless line retrieval. One thing that makes this fly fishing reel a must-have for any angler is the fact that it has an incredible ability to provide supreme grip and control. To make the deal even sweeter, this well-thought-out unit offers tool-less left to right conversion. This means you can always use your strongest arm to fight the fish. This added flexibility enables you to fly fish for long hours without worrying about hand fatigue.

Goture Waterproof Fly Reel

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You can never go wrong with a 2+1 BB system and that’s exactly what this waterproof fishing reel from Goture offers you. On top of that, this gear boasts high-grade precision machined-CNC aluminium frame. Goture fly reel includes a stainless steel main shaft designed to allow for a smooth conversion from left to right usage and vice versa.

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Reel

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Designed with a larger arbour spool, this reel offers fantastic retrieval rates giving you a much-needed advantage in subduing stubborn fish. The unit is made from a lightweight polymeric body and spool. Polymeric materials are capable of withstanding high impact owing to their unique macromolecule composition. The Sigma comes with right and left hand, one-way bearings meaning you can always choose a layout that suits your working style.

Leeda Fly Reel with Fly Line

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The superbly designed fly fishing reel that combines performance with functionality. The Leeda LA Fly Reel is, without doubt, one of the most versatile reels currently retailing. RTF reel comes with almost everything you need for an uninterrupted day of fishing. All you have to do is thread your line through the fly fishing rod, affix your favourite fly and bid goodbye to the days of coming back home empty handed. Thanks to its large arbour design, a smooth disc drag system and audible check mechanism, you can count on this fly reel to drive fish crazy.