Best Shorts for Fishing

When the weather heats up you need fishings shorts that are breathable, lightweight, waterproof and moisture-wicking. Quick-dry technology fishing shorts are perfect for summer fishing trips and to wear with your fishing shirts.

Look good on and off the water with well-designed fishing shorts that will keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Perfect for catching fish or just chilling and enjoying the afternoon sun. We hunted down the best deals on fishing pants, shorts and boardshorts from popular fishing clothing brands like Fox and Columbia below:

Vintage Cargo Fishing Shorts

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Super stylish vintage fishing shorts by Brandit. Made from 100% cotton high-quality material that feels good and lasts. Very durable and strong fabric with double stitching built for resistance and strength. Front fastening zip. Ideal shorts for outdoor activities including fishing, hunting and hiking. Plenty of large pockets that you can use to store fishing tackle and accessories. Tough rugged cotton shorts well worth the money. Machine washable. Available in various other styles including Olive, urban and sand for camouflage in various surroundings.

Men’s Elastic 6 Pocket Cargo Shorts

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Lightweight fabric and extremely comfortable to wear with 6 pickets giving plenty of space. These popular Men’s Combat Cargo Shorts have two top front pockets, three combat pickets and one back pocket. Front zip flies with button fastening. belt loops and waist tightening cord can be used to adjust sizes and makes an easy fit. These shorts are ideal for summer fishing and outdoor activities making them a popular choice for anglers. Made from high-quality Polyester and available in various styles. Great shorts for the price.

Fox Lightweight Camo Shorts

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Camouflage Fox Chunk shorts for serious fishermen. High-quality stylish design made from 100% cotton with heavy-duty zips. Very cool and light fitting fishing shorts. Front zip and button. Available in all sizes-small, medium and large. Easy care & quick drying. Fast wash and clean. Perfect for fly fishing or any other type of coarse fishing when you want to camouflage with natural surroundings. Wear these shorts hunting, hiking or on summary fishing trips.

Mil-Tec Ripstop Bermuda Shorts

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Extremely durable fishing shorts with heavy-duty construction. These Mil-Tec Ripstop Bermuda shorts includes 2 regular front hand pockets. 2 rear button-down pockets. 2 large cargo style button-down pockets. Button fly. Side waist adjusters with strong belt loops and button fly offer secure fitting. Made from 100% cotton material. Reliable shorts that will perform in the hottest climates with minimum maintenance. Available in multi-terrain and woodland camouflage to help anglers blend into natural surroundings.

Desert Camo Fishing Shorts

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Very comfortable fishing shorts with a desert camo design pattern. Plenty of room with 2 regular front hand pockets, 2 rear button-down pockets. and2 large cargo style button-down pockets to store your carp fishing tackle. Made from 100% Ripstop cotton material. Authentic military specifications. Extremely durable and resistant with adjustable waist making these shorts ideal for fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activity where durability is a must.

Men’s Casual Cargo Combat Shorts

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Comfortable and practical for summer fishing trips made from 100% cotton material. Loads of room for carrying fishing equipment and accessories with 2 side hand pockets, 2 rear pockets and 2 leg cargo pockets. Strong durable fabric that will last for many years. High-quality fishing shorts suitable for any outdoor activities.

Bermuda Men’s Combat Fishing Shorts

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Fantastic value for money, good quality long-lasting fishing shorts. Plenty of space for holding fishing accessories and tackle with 2 regular front hand pockets, 2 rear button-down pockets and 2 large cargo style button-down pockets. Button fly. Side waist adjusters for optimal fitting. Large belt loops. Made from 65% Polyester and 35% cotton material. Extremely durable and comfortable fishing shorts. High tension worn stitching.