Carp Fishing Rods

If you plan on catching that crafty carp then you will need the right carp fishing rod to go with your tackle. Depending on whether you need to cast long range or short range the test-curve and length of carp rod is an important decision to make. You will also need a good reliable carp fishing reel. Looking at carp fishing rods for beginners? If so, then we would recommend starting at 2.75lb test curve which is capable of casting 3oz weight and bait for approximately 100 yards. Species Hunter has reviewed the best 2 pieces and 3 piece carp fishing rods from popular brands such as Shakespeare, Shimano and Daiwa below:

Shimano Alivio 12ft Carp Rod

Shimano Alivio is a 2 part 3lb test curve carp fishing rod with 6 guides. Created for anglers on a budget the price of this rod makes it suitable for 3-rod setups without costing a fortune. This 12ft long carp rod is capable of landing any fish at home or abroad and is lightweight (just 358 grams) so is easy to carry and transport. Expect great playing action with all the same characteristics of more expensive models. Features include protective line clip, a 40mm Shimano Hardlite butt guide and DPS-type reel seat.

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Daiwa Black Widow 12ft Carp Fishing Rod

Daiwa is well known for quality budget fishing rods. The Daiwa Black Widow G50 is lightweight and powerful. It certainly lives up to expectation! The high quality ceramic rings and stainless steel frame guides create a slim profile. With 50mm butt guides and 3.5lb test-curve, the rod allows for high action casting power and precision accuracy. The DPS reel seat will fit any popular carp reel. The rod is matt black and has an aluminium butt making it very stylish. When fishing with the Black Widow you can feel comfortable catching big fish and it handles the playing of fish really well.

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Shakespeare Unisex 3 Piece 12ft Carp Rod

This 12ft fishing rod by Shakespeare is designed to catch carp smoothly. Not only is the rod great value for money but it also offers 3.0 lb powerful casting action and is constructed of high-quality carbon with a sleek black finish. Well made and easily capable of catching 30lb carp without any problems. Quality lined guides and through action blanks. Can also be used for spinning and lightweight sea fishing. When taken apart the rod can easily fit in the boot of your car but be warned there is no carry case supplied so you will need to buy a rod sleeve separately to help keep the fishing rod in good condition.

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Daiwa Lightweight 11ft Float Rod

As a hand-held float rod the Daiwa can take the pressure and is perfect for float fishing stalking carp and other fish such as tench, bream and rudd. Warm corck and EVA handels are comfortable to use making them perfect for a long days fishing. The rod has screw down reel fittings and is lightweight making it easy to carry with you. This is an excellent all-round float road capable of landing 15lb carp without any issues. Comes with a cloth rod bag.


Oakwood 10ft Carp Stalking Rod x2

The price of these Oakwood carp stalking rods are unreal, and you get two rods for the price of one. Each 2 piece rod is 10ft and 2.5lb test-curve so is capable of landing 30lb carp or pike effortlessly. Includes a rod bag so you can easily transport them with you on fishing trips. Due to the length, the rod is very agile in tight areas and has great close up action so you can really feel the fish. Do not forget your Polaroid fishing glasses if you want to improve your vision finding the best spot to cast your bait.

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Daiwa Black Widow 10ft 3 Rod Carp Set

Playing fish is a dream with the Black Widow complete 3 rod carp fishing set by Daiwa. Each carp rod is made from high quality, lightweight carbon blanks with DPS style reel seat fitted. The slim design features a stainless steel frame with full shrink grip handle and aluminium butt cap. Ceramic rings are available on all rods apart from the 10′ model. Improve your casting accuracy, rods are thin, light, and incredibly strong. A great set of carp rods for the price. Available in 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.5lb test curve.


Shimano Vengeance 12ft Carp Rod

The Vengeance by Shimano is a great all-rounder 3lb test curve rod that comes loaded with features. The design is based on Shimano’s XT30 blank. Includes Shimano Vibra lock carp reel seat with exposed blank that allows the angler to feel what is going on beneath the water. Perfect for carp fishing or any other type of angling adventure. Vengeance carp rod comes with ABS rear tube grips, stainless steel guides and exposed blank for complete control.

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