The Best Fishing Tents, Bivvies & Shelters

2021 Review by Jason Sawyer

A decent fishing tent or bivvy is an essential bit of kit to take with you on overnight fishing trips. Where’s a lightweight fishing shelter is perfect for daytime fishing. If you’re considering buying a new fishing bivvy or upgrading your existing shelter, then this is a great place to start. Here I’ve reviewed the best fishing bivvies on the market for all types of fishing:

My Top-5 Fishing Tents & Bivvies

Here are the 5 best fishing bivvies and tents I recommend, along with everything else you need to know:

Best Overall: Fox EOS 1 Man Bivvy

Suitable for all fishing seasons the best selling FOX 1 man bivvy is a popular fishing tent. This is one of the most affordable and high-quality fishing bivvies on the market, so perfect for newcomers and anglers on tight budgets.

Best Overall Sale
Best Overall
88 Reviews

The EOS 1 man bivvy is the toughest, most practical and innovative fishing bivvy on the market. This bivvy features a large front door with an integrated mesh panel, making it easy to enter and exit. It also features two-rod straps located at the front of the shelter for additional storage space. The EOS 1 is also designed with a two-rib design and comes in a khaki colour, meaning you can blend in with your surroundings whilst fishing.

This fishing bivvy is very spacious and has plenty of room to store all your carp fishing tackle. This fishing tent is made from high-quality fabric with an 8000mm Hydrostatic head making it completely waterproof.

Watch the Fox EOS bivvy video

A two-way letterbox style door with an integrated mesh insert allows easy access. Two-rod straps located at the front of the fishing tent ensure secure storage of your carp rods while you are inside, and a lightweight groundsheet protects your bivvy from damp patches underneath.

This carp bivvy takes me under 15 minutes to put up on the bank. If you’re going fishing with a mate or just need more space Fox also has the 2-man fishing bivvy available.

Key Features:

  • 1 man bivvy
  • 8000mm hydrostatic head fabric
  • Two-rib, pram-hood design
  • Khaki colour

Editors Rating: 4.8

Best Runner Up: MK3 2 Man Fishing Tent

Built to last, with a 12-month guarantee, the Quest MK3 1-2 man fishing Bivvy is a great investment. With an increased hydrostatic head of 10000mm it can withstand high water pressure and resist heavy rainfall.

Best Runner Up Sale
Best Runner Up
21 Reviews

You know when you want to go fishing but the weather just isn’t good enough? Well, now there is no reason not to. Take your fishing holiday to the next level with the MK3 1-2 Man Fishing Tent. Designed to keep you dry whatever the weather, this bivvy will be a firm favourite for all anglers.

The bivvy comes with heavy-duty high-quality mesh ensuring its made to last, UV protected and breathable material which will keep you dry whatever the weather. Comes with double seals throughout to avoid any leaks and ensuring watertight.

Can fit one large bed chair with space for your tackle box, poles, all your equipment or you could even use it as a changing room after you have caught that big carp!

Key Features:

  • 1-2 man bivvy
  • Hydrostatic head (HH) of 10000mm
  • Extra strong 3 rib design
  • Super quick set up

Best 2 Man: Sonik SK-TEK Fishing Bivvy

The SK-TEK 2 Man Bivvy is the biggest in its class. Featuring a large peak for doorway protection, the bivvy offers maximum space and ease of use with 3 door window options, Velcro rod retainers and roll back open front option.

Best 2 Man Sale
Best 2 Man
23 Reviews

The EOS 1 Man Bivvy from Fox is a lightweight, professional-grade fishing bivvy designed to help you rise to the challenge of even the most inclement weather! Made from 8000mm hydrostatic head fabric with a two-rib design, it’s ideal for use in waters where you might encounter rain showers or on windy days.

The high specification removable groundsheet keeps you dry and comfortable inside and it removable for cleaning purposes. The large front and rear mozzie mesh vents provide ventilation to keep you cool inside. Featuring 5000mm HH 210 PU Backed Polyester fabric, this bivvy has been tested in some of the worst conditions by Sonik customers over the last few years.

Key Features:

  • 1-2 man bivvy
  • Hydrostatic head (HH) of 5,000mm
  • 2-way letterbox style removable door
  • Velcro rod retainers and roll back open front option

The large size of this bivvy means you can easily fit inside two fishing chairs and all your tackle.

Best Budget: Lucx 1-2 Man Bivvy

The Lucx Ruck Zuck 2 Man Bivvy offers enough space for 1-2 people. The bivvy is set up in record time thanks to the ‘jerk-swipe’ set-up system. It is set up in less than a minute and offers excellent quality.

1-2 Man Bivvy Sale
1-2 Man Bivvy
61 Reviews

The Lucx Ruck Zuck Bivvy is the ultimate shelter for hunting and fishing. The Rucksack is made of a 210D PU Nylon with hydrostatic fabric, which makes it ideal for any challenging weather conditions. This can comfortably accommodate two people and is also spacious enough to store your fishing gear.

The MK5 1-2 man fishing bivvy is ideal for those who want to fish in comfort and dryness. The bivvy has an increased fabric Hydrostatic Head (HH) of 10000mm.

Thanks to the coated outer material, the tent is wind, snow and waterproof. All seams are sealed with special tape to prevent water/moisture from entering into the bivvy.

Key Features:

  • 1-2 man bivvy
  • Hydrostatic head of up to 5,000 mm
  • Fabric 210D PU Nylon
  • Water column 5,000 mm

Best Pop-Up: Quick Bivvy 2000

One of the best selling pop-up fishing tents in Europe. Due to the time-saving design, you can expect to erect this tent 90% faster than traditional fishing tents.

From experience using this tent I know it has a long service life. The rust-proof aluminium poles are extremely stable and the high-quality nylon material is waterproof and has a hydrostatic head rating of 2,000mm.

Watch the Quick Bivvy 2000 video

This is more than just a tent for fishing. Due to the small size and lightweight design, this also makes a great tent for camping, festivals or other outdoor activities. There are no individual poles that need to be threaded into the pop-up tent.

The large window surfaces with integrated mosquito nets in the rear and front areas of the shelter provide sufficient ventilation.

Key Features:

  • 1-2 man pop up tent
  • 90% quicker to erect than pole threaded fishing bivvies
  • Hydrostatic head rating of 2,000mm
  • Easy to carry due to small size

More Fishing Bivvies & Tents

Here are some more fishing bivvies, tents and overwraps I reviewed:

Lucx 1-2 Man Coon Fishing Bivvy

This 1-2 man fishing bivvy is one of the smaller models available from the reputable German Lucx brand. Can easily fit inside two large bed chairs and sleep two adults.

Made from 100% waterproof hydrostatic fabric 210D PU Nylon material this fishing tent is built to withstand hard rain and even snow.

Constructed from an ultralight, very robust 3-piece aluminium frame. It’s easy to carry the fishing tent, with a supplied transport bag.

This is a spacious fishing tent with plenty of room but for added comfort and space to store your fishing boots and tackle. This is best used as a 1 man fishing bivvy.

There is a practical canopy at the front that can be used to protect storage from the rain if you do feel like sharing that extra room with your mate or spouse.

Key Features:

  • 1-2 man bivvy
  • Hydrostatic fabric 210D PU Nylon
  • 10,000mm water column
  • Special one-pole system
  • Removable groundsheet

NGT 2 Man Bivvy Fortress

The Bivvy Fortress is our flagship bivvy. It’s designed to be a bomb-proof shelter for the most extreme conditions. It has a detachable groundsheet that can be used separately, superior materials, and is made in the UK.

2 Man Bivvy
2 Man Bivvy
18 Reviews

Two-man bivvy/fortress. Made of 2000mm waterproof fabric with 210D ripstop lining. Heavy-duty YKK zips are for the front window and main entrance. Comes with a detachable groundsheet and carry bag.

The Fortress 2 man bivvy is a complete outdoor shelter solution. It is designed for two people to sleep in with all their carp fishing gear and ideally suited to locations where the ground conditions are too hard or rocky to pitch a tent on. The bivvy can be left set up once erected, which means that you can store your kit inside it without it getting wet if it rains. It also has a detachable groundsheet, which is useful if you need to get into the bivvy through deep mud or snow.

This fishing bivvy has vents at the rear to make it comfortable even when the days are really hot. It performs equally well on a cold night, where effective insulation is provided.

Key Features:

  • 1-2 man bivvy
  • Hydrostatic head (HH) of up to 2000mm
  • Mesh and clear vinyl window/door
  • Includes groundsheet and winterskin

Adobe 1 Man Pram-Hood Bivvy

A completely waterproof and breathable shelter. With a 5000 Hydrostatic head and a groundsheet included, the Abode Pram-Hood Bivvy is designed for extended camping in all weathers and terrain. It has a waterproof base of 210D Oxford nylon, with an enclosed sleeping compartment and roomy bivi style zip opening to keep out wind, rain and snow.

2 Man Carp Bivvy
2 Man Carp Bivvy
29 Reviews

The Abode 1 Man Fishing Bivvy is a small shelter made from 210D Oxford nylon that will keep you protected from wind, rain and snow whilst still allowing you to see out. It is great for when carp fishing or just enjoying the outdoors.

When the sun goes down, the adventure doesn’t have to end! The 1 Man Fishing Bivvy is a 4-sided shelter designed for anglers who want to fish all day, without having to carry a tent. The groundsheet that comes with it means you’ll stay nice and dry when you have to wait for your line to go down, or just can’t be bothered to put up your tent!

A spacious design with room for a single fishing chair and plenty of space to store fishing tackle.

Key Features:

  • 1 man bivvy
  • Hydrostatic head (hh) of up to 5,000mm
  • Pram-hood design
  • Built-in groundsheet

Trakker SLX 2 Man Bivvy

The SLX V3 2 Man Bivvy is an all-purpose shelter, perfect for fishermen, hunters, or anyone who spends time outside. Made from 210T heavy duty PVC material and designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions, the bivvy can withstand the toughest of conditions while keeping you safe and comfortable!

1-2 Man Fishing Bivvy
1-2 Man Fishing Bivvy
8 Reviews

The SLX V3 2 man bivvy is a spacious and well-ventilated shelter with heavy-duty groundsheet and rod straps. With vented airflow, the tent has a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm and is suitable for 2 people.

The SLX V3 2 Man Bivvy is the ideal tent for your next angling adventure. With heavy-duty groundsheet, rod straps, vented airflow and a 10000mm hydrostatic head, this is one of the most durable and reliable fishing tents on the market. The SLX V3 2 Man Bivvy features a built-in groundsheet so you don’t have to carry an extra tarpaulin with you. This bivvy can be used as a standalone tent, or as an extra shelter. The breathable top construction allows for maximum ventilation whilst keeping out UV and rain showers.

Key Features:

  • 1-2 man bivvy
  • Hydrostatic head (HH) up to 10,000mm
  • Pram-hood design
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet

My Top-3 Fishing Shelters & Brollies

Here are the 3 best-rated fishing shelters and brollies:

Fox Easy Shelter Plus

Fox International was established in the 1960s and has come a long way in the last fifty years, becoming one of the leading fishing manufacturers in Europe.

The Fox Easy Shelter Plus is an upgraded version of the very popular original Fox bivvy design. The Fox Easy Shelter Plus provides long session carp anglers with a super quick to erect shelter that is extremely lightweight for easier transportation.

There are front and rear mozzy mesh panels, which can be opened and closed from inside the shelter. The front panel can be completely removed or used in letterbox style. The front door features two vertical toggle fixings and pegging points to further increase internal space.

Key Features:

  • Unique pop-up frame designed for rapid erection
  • 8000HH green polyester fabric
  • Front and rear mozzy mesh panels
  • Integrated peak design

Michigan Fishing Shelter Umbrella

This is the umbrella you will always carry with you on your fishing trips. It’s unique design allows you to tilt the top away from your face when opening the umbrella. The design also allows you to adjust the height of the umbrella and tilt it at any angle to protect against rain, snow, or sun. The 210T polyester fabric is waterproof and can be used in all types of weather.

Michigan Fishing Umbrella
Michigan Fishing Umbrella
417 Reviews

The fishing umbrella is the perfect companion for those who love to spend time outside. The top tilting mechanism makes it easier to use in various situations, and the improved waterproof fabric can protect you from the rain.

No more hassle on rainy days, you can fish rain or shine with this high quality and professional fishing umbrella, the top tilting mechanism allows the umbrella to easily be opened and closed. The adjustable height design allows you to adjust it to suit your own height. This umbrella is strong enough to protect you in windy conditions. With a 210T polyester fabric that makes it waterproof, it ensures the highest level of quality and durability with long-lasting use.

The brolly offers full coverage and is suitable for fly fishing or any other type of angling adventure.

Key Features:

  • 86 inch
  • 210D Nylon material
  • Top tilting mechanism
  • Free carry bag

Adobe Carp Session Brolly 5000

The Abode Carp Session Brolly 5000 is ideal for the angler who wants a high quality brolly with matching specifications to their rod. It has a 5000 Hydrostatic head and it is fully tape sealed and seam taped, making it 100% waterproof. The robust frame has bar-stitching at stress points to improve rigidity and durability and comes complete with a sturdy groundsheet.

To make the ultimate brolly for anglers, Adobe has combined experience of over 20 years in brolly design with the best materials and latest technology to produce the Carp Session Brolly. A revolutionary design that sets new standards for users. The Carp Session range has been designed by carp anglers for carp anglers. With a focus on quality, performance, and value I believe that these are truly world-beating fishing shelters that will enhance your fishing pleasure and increase your catch rate.

Key Features:

  • Hydrostatic head (hh) up to 5,000mm
  • Strong durable storm poles
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Free carry bag included

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to popular questions I get asked about fishing tents:

How is a Fishing Bivvy or Tent different to a Fishing Shelter?

A fishing shelter is generally intended for short fishing trips or day sessions. Although you could do an overnighter with just a brolly or shelter in the summer as well. Fishing shelters typically use a brolly shaped design secured to the ground, with two sides for protection from the wind.

A fishing tent or bivy is generally intended for longer fishing sessions and night fishing trips. And offers 360-degree protection with windows and doors. If you’re only popping out for a few hours fishing you probably wouldn’t need a fishing bivvy. But you would consider taking a fishing shelter or brolly.

Can I use a Conventional Tent for Fishing?

A fishing bivvy is far more advanced than a conventional tent. Don’t confuse camping tents with bivvies or shelters intended for fishing. A conventional tent is heavy, bulky and more suited for campers going camping, not for fishing.

A decent fishing shelter is:

  1. Lightweight and easy to transport
  2. Quick and simple to assemble
  3. Camouflaged into natural surroundings
  4. Suitable for sitting upright in a fishing chair
  5. Able to withstand hot and cold temperatures
  6. Able to withstand strong winds and heavy rain
  7. Able to reduce condensation

When to use a Bivvy Overwrap?

A bivvy overwrap is recommended for your bivvy when fishing in cold conditions. If you plan on fishing in the winter then you will need a bivvy overwrap. Most modern fishing tents and shelters are equipped with a twin-skin feature but older models supply a winter skin separately. So be sure to check this first when you buy a fishing bivvy.

What are Wild Camping and Fishing Laws?

If you’re camping in the wild please don’t forget to ask the landowner for permission. And remember to follow national and local rules when freshwater fishing in England or Wales.

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