Fishing Tents, Bivvys & Winter Shelters

Fishing TentA good fishing tent or bivvy shelter is an essential bit of kit to take with you on fishing trips or outdoor activities. Species Hunter have reviewed the best fishing tents for sale including day shelter bivvys, fishing umbrellas, fireproof tents, windproof tents, IPX rated waterproof tents, automatic pop up tents and winter overwrap shelters suitable for every type of angling adventure.

If you need a fishing tent that is capable of withstanding heavy wind and rain, or just a fishing shelter to protect you from the sun on a hot afternoon, whatever the weather or fishing season we have you well covered. Species Hunter have hunted down the best online prices for fishing bivvys and shelters along with everything else you need to know:

Lucx 3 Man Bivvy with Winter Shelter

At the top of our list is the Lucx Leopard. This fishing tent sleeps comfortably up to 3 adults and is made from high quality fabric and 210D PU Nylon, so is completely waterproof and is capable of withstanding strong winds and heavy rain.

There is a large secure entrance with dual headed zips at the front of bivvy with large windows giving you a clear view from within. Two smaller entrances can be located either side of the bivvy with zip up doors for fast access. The groundsheet can be removed which is ideal for hosing down after a muddy session.

Winter overwrap is included and can be secured over the bivvy for added defence. The aluminium construction is quick to assemble and take down, making this bivvy perfect for any fishing trip. The large size of this bivvy means you can easily fit inside two fishing chairs and all your carp fishing tackle no problem at all.


TF 2 Man Carp Fishing Tent

TF 2 man carp fishing bivvy is well camouflaged for stealth fishing operations. This fishing tent is made from high quality oxford nylon and has plenty of space inside. The 2 man carp fishing bivvy has been built to withstand hard rain, wind and even light storms. The special pegs included can be used to lock bivvy securely to the ground.

Rock solid poles reinforce stability and the pram type hood technology keeps rain well away. The specious design means you can easily fit a large bed chair and all your fishing tackle inside.

Includes a high quality groundsheet that is thick, durable and long lasting. The groundsheet is separate so easy to clean after a muddy fishing trip. This carp bivvy has one of the best heavy duty groundsheets from all the fishing tents we reviewed online.


Mesh Pro 1 Man Carp Bivvy

Enjoy fishing and outdoor activities with the long awaited Mesh Pro 1 man carp fishing tents, which feature a 5000 hydrostatic head and high-quality material. This fishing tent is waterproof and will protect anglers from torrential rains. The oxford nylon material used is of high quality and is long lasting.

The Oxford nylon guarantees durability and waterproof material safeguards against water leakages. Reinforced edges offer extra support with storm tension bars which guarantee stability and sturdiness during heavy storms. Clear door allows easy visibility.

Its light weight offers ease in transportation. It is very versatile and can be easily installed in place. The groundsheet offers extra comfort. The strong heavy duty pegs ensure that the tent is strongly hinged in place. The clear door allows angler to see what is happening outside from the comfort of the tent.


NGT 2 Man Winter Bivvy Overwrap

The NGT 2 Man Winter Bivvy is a fantastic overwrap and essential accessory for carp fishing trips. The fabric used is strong enough to sustain heavy rains and hence ensures your comfort even in the most adverse situations. The bivvy overwrap is supplied in a handy carry bag and ensures easy transportation

The tension poles are exclusively designed and make the structure stable enough for strong winds. Additionally, 12 high-grade bivvy pegs are supplied with the carp bivvy winter overwrap. Quite reasonably, it ensures the stability of the structure and ensures your safety and comfort are uncompromised.

The material used is heavy duty JRC 10,000 hh and ensures longer shelf life. This carp fishing bivvy has vents at the rear to make it comfortable even when the days are really hot. It performs equally well on a cold night, where, effective insulation is provided.


CampFeuer Automatic Fishing Tent

Fishing outdoors in the middle of nature has always had a charm of its own. However, when out on an adventurous fishing trip like this, sometimes you need a fishing tent that can be put up fast! This fishing bivvy is a fully automatic bivvy made of a sturdy material which is ideal for setting up quickly so you can focus just on fishing. You could even erect this tent in the dark!

This carp fishing bivvy is made up of 210 polyester. It is designed with a hydrostatic head which is 6000mm which will prevent water dripping in. It is well- built with sturdy material to prevent against seepage of water. It can withstand water up to an impressive 6000mm.

This fishing tent is well designed with a height of 160cms besides length and breadth of 250cms. It is available in olive green colour, making it blend in with the surrounding, thus ensuring you get the most of your fishing experience with little distractions.


1 Man Winter Skin Overwrap

If you are looking to head out for a fishing tip this winter season, you will need the right kind of overwrap to help keep you warm against the freezing cold. The 1 Man Winter Skin Overwrap comes with pegs that allows for easy set up. Designed to give comfort when staying outdoors in the winter, it is recommended for use with the Abode 1 man fishing tents but will also fit similar shaped 1 man bivvy shelters.

It is well designed and stitched so that it does not easily give way at the stress points. Being light in weight, it is easy to carry along on your trek.

This winter skin overwrap is made of Oxford Nylon. It is designed with a thick hydrostatic head that will not allow any water to seep in. There is 210PU coating that keeps it sturdy throughout.

This winter skin overwrap comes with well-reinforced edges for protection against natural elements. It has an ideal size of 270x270cms with a height of135cms making for a comfortable stay in it.


Tilt Umbrella Brolly Fishing Shelter

The Tilt Umbrella Brolly is perfect for day fishing trips to protect you against the rainy, windy or sunny weather. The fishing shelter is made from high grade PU coated nylon and it’s lighweight and very easy to transport. This fishing shelter offers full coverage and is suitable for fly fishing or any other type of angling adventure.

The fishing umbrella can be adjusted to tilt at an angle. This is an excellent umbrella brolly to take on any fishing trip. The fishing shelter is spacious enough to fit two adults inside. It also features a perfect locking mechanism.

This fishing shelter combined with its easy portability is perfect for any occasion. It can be carried to concerts, outdoor events, parks, fishing or camping trips. Its colour blends well with the environment, more so if one goes camping in the forest or lakeside fishing. At a rock bottom price this fishing umbrella shelter is an essential bit of kit for any fisherman.