Fly Fishing Rods

When it comes to finding the best fly fishing rod factors such as weight, flexibility, quality of guides and fly reel seat matter a lot. A metallic fly rod tends to affect flexibility and this can negatively impact your performance. On the other hand, carbon-fibre fly fishing rods offer more comfort and flexibility than graphite. Popular brands like Shakespeare and Piscifun, are known for their sense of quality while Greys, Redington and Daiwa stand out with their ability to design fine corks. To help you make an informed choice, here’s a closer look at the top fly fishing rods:

Redington 4 Piece Fly Rod

The Redington Classic Trout is at the top of our list. One thing that stands out about this fly rod is that it bends easily, something that gives it the momentum needed to propel the fly line forward. The Cordura-cased fly rod offers a smooth, energy-releasing sensation making fly casting fun and rewarding. Above all, with an M-Fast action and machined aluminium Reel Seat, the Redington Classic Trout comes across as not only handsome but also remarkably sensitive.

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Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Rod

Orvis fly fishing rod has a 4-in-1 package. The package contains a rod for fishing in windy conditions, another one for calm waters, a nymph rod and lastly a dry fly rod. So, if you’re really on a tight budget and looking for great value for money, the Orvis Clearwater Range would certainly make a great addition to any anglers fly fishing kit. Some notable features of this 4-in-1 range include classy blanks, well-designed cork handle, aluminium reel and graphite inserts.

Shakespeare Sigma 4-Piece Fly Rod Reel Combo

Shakespeare is among the few fly fishing rod manufacturers who manage to pack up so much value for money. Shakespeare Sigma fly rod is made from carbon fibre. If this is your first time interacting with carbon fibre rods, all you need to keep in mind is that this material is quite effective at transferring vibrations which enhances your chances of success as you can easily tell when a fish bites the bait. That’s, of course, not mentioning the fact that each fly rod comes with an AA quality cork, high-quality leg guide and titanium oxide stripper guides.

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Fenwick AETIS Fly Rod

Made up of 4 awe-inspiring rods, this high-performance quartet boasts an aluminium machined reel seat and a carbon-fibre design. Features aluminum anodized double uplock ‘AAA’ grade cork handle. Large diameter gunsmoke stripper guides. These fly fishing rods feature fast recovering high performance modern tapers artfully crafted with a lightweight feel.  Includes Fenwick cloth covered rod tube and bag for easy transport.

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Greys GR50 Carbon Fibre Fly Rod

Greys GR50 carbon fibre design weighs a fraction of metal rods and yet still delivers superior performance. One of the main advantages of carbon fibre is that it’s highly flexible and adds power to casting. Although metal fly fishing rods tend to top the charts as far as durability is concerned, they tend to weigh more and are quite rigid. Above all, the GR50 boasts an AAA’ grade cork handle, matte ice grey blank and nickel finish stripper guides to make your fly fishing trip a breeze.

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Shakespeare Agility 4WT Fly Rod

Closely related to the ever-popular Agility XPS, the 4WT marks a significant improvement from its siblings through its enhanced blanks and the ability to deliver fast action. Needless to say, this fly rod is capable of providing a powerful action in addition to being in a position to house heavy lines and flies. So, if you want to be prepared to put up a fight with a feisty trout, this rod should feature on your bucket list. With an engraved seat, AAA cork and zirconium oxide guides, this model is sure to impress.

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Greys GR20 Fly Fishing Rod

The GR20 stands tall among the most reliable fly rods you can bank on to improve the quality of your casting stroke and accuracy. Known for being smooth, well-thought-out and forgiving, this rod leaves nothing to chance in transforming every fly fishing trip into a success. Just like any other budget-friendly fly fishing rod, this one comes with carbon modulus blanks, it’s lightweight, durable and easy-to-operate at the same time. Fitted with an AAA grade cork for a secure grip, non-corrosive reel seat, hook keeper ring, smooth guides and twin locking nuts.

Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Rod

If there’s one thing Piscifun doesn’t compromise on it’s quality. The IM7 comes with a touch of graphite for enhanced durability, aluminium reel seat for better performance and double lock rings for an unparalleled reel attachment. Fly rod includes Ceramic stripping guides for increased sensitivity and seamless casting. In case you’re looking for a way to improve your accuracy, then this rod comes with some white dots on the side to align your guides easily. Fly rod comes with a half wells cork handle which prevents hand fatigue and improves casting accuracy.

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Shakespeare Sigma 4 Piece Fly Rod

Developed to hit a key price point, Sigma Supra fly rod from Shakespeare offers a range of features optimised for user-friendliness and performance.

Keeping up with the market trends, the Sigma rods are made from carbon fibre which is not only durable but also light in weight. Another notable aspect of these rods is that they are slim – something that gives them admirable flexibility. This simple tweak makes it possible for you to fight with fish that’s up to 4 times heavier than your fishing line’s weight. To crown it all, the quartet comes with high-end titanium oxide stripper guides complete with a high-end quality cork handle and aluminium fly fishing reel seat engraved.

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Daiwa Fly Fising Rod

The Daiwa fly rod comprises 3 high-quality blanks which give you the freedom to experiment with different styles of fly fishing. Despite appearing highly sophisticated thanks to its all-metal reel-seat, shapely cork and double-locking rings, this simple fly rod weighs just 99gms. To an angler, a light-weight fly fishing rod means less fatigue even when a whole day is spent out there fishing. Above all, its single leg snake guides are of high-quality making it extremely easy to adjust your line on the go.

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