Fly Fishing Waders & Waterproof Trousers

When you need to get in the water without getting wet you are going to need a good set of fishing waders or waterproof fishing trousers. Whether you need waders for fly fishing, sea fishing or any type of coarse fishing, Species Hunter has reviewed the best fishing waders from popular brands such as Shakespeare, Dirt Boot and more.

Shakespeare Sigma Chest Waders

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Shakespeare is a fishing brand well known for building quality fishing gear. The Sigma chest waders are hardwearing and built to last with reinforced knees. There is a large watertight pocket located at the front so you can store your fly fishing tackle, mobile phone or any other equipment you want to keep dry. Made from 4mm Neoprene and available in light brown. These waders are exceptional value for money and can be used in seawater as well.

Ocean Fishing Waders with FREE Wader Studs

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Each set of Ocean fishing waders comes with a FREE set of Talon screw-in wader studs that will keep you secure in moving waters. These fishing waders are ideal for sea fishing but can also be used for fly fishing waders or any other type of fishing. The fabric is light and elastic so is easy to move in and comfortable to wear. 100% waterproof waders and inside chest pocket will keep you well protected. Includes adjustable braces with lock-in mechanism for quick release.

Koala Oxford Neoprene Chest Waders

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Made from high-grade 5mm neoprene the Kola Oxford chest waders are soft and comfortable to wear. We also found these fishing waders to be the quickest and easiest waders to put on and take off with quick release velcro shoulder fasteners. There is a large front pocket so you can keep your personal possessions safe. Reinforced knee pads mean these waders are tough and durable so will keep you fry for years to come. Available in dark green colour.

Dirt Boot Camouflage Fishing Waders

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Dirt Boot fishing waders are completely camouflaged from head to toe so are perfect for stealth fishing. They are made from high-grade 5mm neoprene so are completely watertight and soft to touch. Quick-release velcro shoulder straps make these fishing waders easy to take on and off. We found these fishing waders to be very flexible, you can literally bend, squat and climb up banks and off boats with no restrictions what so ever. Includes rubber boots with cleated sole.

Pros Standard PVC Fishing Waders

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These chest waders by Pros Standard are built for quality. Strong heavy duty Plavitex fabric means this product is long-lasting and durable. Specially designed for fisherman with high-frequency welding provides good protection from the water. These waders will never leak and this particular model has adjustable elasticated braces so they are easy to take on and off when you have your hands full fishing.

Pros Waist Waders – Waterproof Fishing Trousers

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Pros waist waders are perfect for fishing in shallow waters with your fly fishing vest. These fishing trousers are made from heavy-duty Plavitex fabric which is completely watertight in extreme weather conditions. High-quality PVC boots are securely attached. These waist waders are specially designed for fisherman but can also be used for outdoor activities where you need to remain dry! Available in Olive green.

Dirt Boot Hip Waders

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Exceptional value for money these hip waders are perfect for fishing in shallow waters and when you do not require full-height chest waders. Special traction soles give exceptional grip in wet and slippery conditions so you remain in the water safe and dry. They are quick and easy to remove using kick rim release. Suitable for all outdoor activities including farming and dog walking!