The Best Bivvy Tables

2021 Review by Jason Sawyer

Trying to find the best bivvy tables for your carp fishing? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent hours browsing forums and fishing sites trying to find a decent one. But I’m here to save you time and help you make the right choice for your needs.

I’ve put together this list of five of the best bivvy tables on the market, so you can choose the one that’s best for you. Let’s crack on:

My Top 5 Bivvy Tables

Here are my 5 best large, lightweight, and adjustable tables for carp fishing:

Best Overall: New Direction Multi-function Bivvy Table

The Multi-function Bivvy Table is a convenient and vital addition to your fishing bivvy, which can be used directly on the bank or with optional battery power. The table has a magnetic section for hooks/rigs, cup holder, and mobile phone section as well as a connector for the bivvy light.

Best Overall
Best Overall
144 Reviews

If you want to be able to keep all your stuff in one place and have a place to put your drink and a section for all your hooks this is for you. This bivvy table is very strong and of good quality. It has a dimmer light as well as being able to charge your phone. Ideal for the modern angler.

The New Direction Multi-function Bivvy Table is a table that has been specifically designed to fit the majority of ND products on the market.

ND Bivvy Table Video Review

Watch the full review on this best selling bivvy table from Next Generation fishing:

It is a quality, robustly constructed table which comes with adjustable legs to suit both bank and flat ground anglers. Its functional design features include: 1 x small cup holder, 1 x mobile phone section, 1 x magnetic section for hooks/rigs and 1 x large cup holder (2x standard-sized cups). The tabletops can be clipped together to form one large table or can be used separately as individual tables.

Key Features:

  • Fits with ND bank power
  • Magnetic section for hooks/rigs
  • Integrated cupholder
  • Mobile phone section
  • Connector for bivvy light

Best Runner-up: KOALA DLX Folding Carp Bivvy Table

The Koala DLX Folding Carp Bivvy Table is a great addition to your fishing toolkit. The Bivvy Table makes it easy to cook or prepare food while you’re out on the lake, taking away the hassle of balancing your stuff in your lap. Adjustable legs mean you can choose the height that best suits your needs.

Best Runner-up
Best Runner-up
84 Reviews

The DLX Folding Carp Bivvy Table is the perfect table companion for all anglers. The legs and feet are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle or boat, while the rubber feet pads keep it in place. The table folds away for easy storage and transportation.

This DLX Folding Carp Bivvy Table from KOALA is compact, strong, and made for the fishing enthusiast. The table comes with adjustable legs for uneven ground and rubber grip feet to help keep it in place. The table can be easily folded away when not in use or packed down when you are heading out to your favourite fishing destination. It also features a simple design making it easy to clean after use. This folding carp bivvy table is ideal for anyone who enjoys being outdoors whether it’s fishing, camping or just spending time with your family and friends.

Key Features:

  • Strong design
  • Adjustable legs
  • Rubber grip feet
  • Easy to clean

Best Large: NGT Giant Dynamic Bivvy Table

The Giant Dynamic Bivvy Table is a large-sized table that helps you to create the ultimate base camp for your fishing trip or outdoor adventure. This portable table comes with four mud feet that can be extended or retracted according to your needs. It can also be used as an ordinary picnic table.

Best Large Sale
Best Large
81 Reviews

The Giant Dynamic is the ultimate bivvy table, perfect for use as a workstation, prep station or as a place to eat. Includes X4 adjustable mud feet for increased stability and has an extra-large capacity footplate. It folds away easily into its own carry case and can be set up in seconds.

The Giant Dynamic Bivvy Table is an easy to set up and sturdy table. Made of high-grade aluminium alloy, it has a very large capacity, able to hold a bivvy heater with no problem. It’s strong but light enough to easily carry with one hand. It also features X4 adjustable mud feet, so you can use it on almost any terrain without sinking into the dirt or getting damaged. When not in use, the table folds away neatly into its own carrying case for easy transportation.

Key Features:

  • Full aluminium construction
  • X4 adjustable mud feet
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Folding bivvy table

Best Practical: FOX International Bivvy Table

With a fox bivvy table, you can take your fishing adventures to the next level. Enjoy a moment of relaxation during your outdoor excursions with the International Bivvy Table. This table is easy to set up and comes with adjustable legs and sturdy paddle feet for portability. When the fun is done, pack it up and store it in your car or truck until the next big adventure.

Best Practical
Best Practical
25 Reviews

Take it with you wherever you go – the International Bivvy Table is lightweight enough to carry around but sturdy enough to last a lifetime. With aluminium paddle feet and adjustable legs, the table is stable and strong.

The ultimate companion for your next wild adventure. The International Bivvy Table is a lightweight, waterproof table that can be taken anywhere you want to go. It’s quick to set up and will fit inside your fishing tent or shelter. The adjustable legs allow you to prop it up in sand, snow, or mud and the paddle feet give you something to lean against so you don’t tip over. It’s also the perfect place for you to put your drink while you take a call on your mobile phone with its handy storage compartment.

Key Features:

  • Table top size 50cm x 30cm
  • Adjustable legs
  • Sturdy paddle feet
  • Phone storage

Best Budget: Lidsters Lightweight Carp Bivvy Table

For the angler on a budget, this is a great buy. The legs are fully adjustable to give you the angle of your choice and the whole bivvy folds up into a neat carry bag for easy storage and transportation. The aluminium frame is coated in tough protective plastic so there are no worries about it getting wet or dirty when you’re out fishing.

Best Budget Table Sale
Best Budget Table
127 Reviews

A good value carp fishing bivvy table that can be taken apart and stored in its own carry bag. The legs are extendable so the table can be used at any height. A great addition to any angler’s kit bag!

The Lidster Carp Bivvy Table is the ultimate bit of kit for anyone who wants to enjoy a drink in comfort and style while spending hours on the bank. Pack up and take it with you in its handy carry bag when you move from swim to swim, or just use it as a table for chilling out at the end of the day. At only 6 kgs it’s light enough to carry all day long yet big enough to be comfortable when out on a big session.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Lockable legs
  • Extendable legs
  • Carry bag

More Carp Fishing Tables

Here are more tables suitable for carp fishing that didn’t make my top 5, but are still worth an honourable mention:

NGT Large Adjustable Fishing Table

This adjustable fishing table has everything you need to ensure your next fishing trip is a success. The large, fold-down tabletop provides ample space to layout and organise your tackle and the adjustable legs allow you to set up on the soft ground or change the height as needed. A built-in handle makes it easy to carry from one spot to another.

NGT Bivvy Table
NGT Bivvy Table
32 Reviews

This table is the perfect piece of equipment for any angler. Constructed with durable aluminium it is incredibly strong whilst being light enough to be easily carried on long walks. Adjustable legs allow the table to adapt to uneven ground and a large lip means you won’t lose your bait.

The NGT fishing table is one of the most functional, durable and heavy-duty fishing tables in the world. The NGT fishing table features an anti-roll lip, extends to over 7′ long and has a large storage capacity. This portable folding table is easy to set up and can be used on boats or shorelines for fishing or any other activity that requires a sturdy surface.

Key Features:

  • Large capacity
  • Anti-roll lip
  • Extendable legs

NGT Unisex Carp Table System

This innovative fishing table system allows you to create a space of your own in a matter of seconds. The table is lightweight and has a complete bevy table solution all built into a carryall type bag:

NGT Unisex Carp Table
NGT Unisex Carp Table
152 Reviews

The NGT Carp Table System is the ultimate portable fishing table. It’s perfect for carp anglers because it gives you a sturdy and extensive work surface to put your bait, tackle, rigs, and more.

No matter what your passion is, the NGT Unisex Carp Table System is built to support you in it. Whether it’s carp fishing, sport fishing, match fishing, or just camping out in the woods with your mates, you’ll be able to comfortably indulge in the activity of your choice. The table itself features four adjustable legs, making it easy to level out on uneven grounds.

When not in use, the table can be folded into a handy carrying case for easy transportation and storage. The two compartments located on both sides of the table are perfect for storing any items you would like to bring with you during your time outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Complete bivvy table
  • X4 adjustable legs
  • Removable table
  • X2 additional storage compartments

NGT Lightweight Folding Terminal Bait Table

Practical and functional, the NGT Folding Terminal Bait Table opens quickly, closes easily, and can be set up in no time. It’s sturdy and lightweight at the same time, which allows you to move it around with ease. At the end of the day, it folds flat for easy storage. It’s also made from super strong materials that are guaranteed to last through all your fishing expeditions.

NGT Terminal Bait Table
NGT Terminal Bait Table
23 Reviews

This folding bait table opens quickly and has a large capacity. The sturdy construction is ideal for any angler who wants to prepare their own baits. This product is lightweight and strong, perfect for carrying to fishing spots that are located some distance from the parking area.

The NGT Folding Terminal Bait Table is the perfect solution for the fisherman who demands quality and performance. It’s lightweight, portable design allows you to set it up in a snap, yet its sturdy construction will hold your gear in place for years of use. Not only is it great for bait storage, but its large capacity allows you to use it as a work surface while fishing as well.

Key Features:

  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Opens in seconds
  • Super sturdy

Carp Bivvy Table Accessories

Here are some amazing accessories that will compliment your carp fishing bivvy table, whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler:

NGT Magnetic Bivvy Hooks

Get the most out of your bivvy with these innovative new bivvy hanging hooks! These super-strong, magnetic, carabiner-style hooks are designed to attach to loops in the top of your bivvy so you can hang stuff like your fishing fleece and mobile phone.

NGT Magnetic Bivvy Hooks Sale
NGT Magnetic Bivvy Hooks
434 Reviews

You name it, these magnetic bivvy hooks can hold it. They’re perfect for hanging lights, torches, bags, and rucksacks. Ideal for fishermen and campers who love to light up the night. And at this price? It’s a no-brainer.

No more mislaying your bivvy table accessories when you’re fumbling in the dark, these magnetic hooks are a must-have for anyone who goes overnight carp fishing. Simply clip them on the inside of your tent and when you wake up in the morning you’ll find them hanging there ready for use.

Key Features:

  • X2 pack
  • Bivvy hanging hooks
  • Super strong
  • Magnetic
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